Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Scissors 2020

DYI dog grooming can not only be a money saver but also a way to bond with your furry friend. Like any job, though, it’s more pleasant and the outcome is better if you are working with the right tools, so having an excellent set of grooming shears is a must!

Great dog grooming scissors are specifically designed for cutting pet hair. Dog hair is different than human hair, prone to matting in its own particular way and to tangling around burs or sticks. The wrong scissors are prone to nicking or hair pulling, and the last thing we all want is to injure ours dogs or cause them suffering.

As you shop for the dog grooming set that is right for you, a few things you might consider are performance: are these scissors agile and suited to your pet’s type of hair? Do they seem to have sturdy construction and that they’re built to last? Have other people been happy with their purchase of these dog grooming scissors?

Our list bellow narrows your search down to seven solid picks.

Our Top 7 List

1. Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Cats & Dogs

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit For Cats & Dogs - Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers For Sensitive Pets - Right-Handed, Pink This kit keeps in mind how stressful a simple haircut can be for your sensitive canine. Stress hormones are no picnic and do a dozy on your pet’s system just as they do on humans. It’s a real bonus to be able to make grooming a peaceful, bonding experience, rather than a stressful on, for you and your dog!

With your further comfort in mind, Scaredy Cut has included two sizes of gel finger inserts, so that you can modify the tightness of the scissor-on finger holes. Groom in the comfort of your own home, using tools proudly made in the United Stated of America.

This kit comes with seven guide combs, like the ones you would attach to a clipper, except that these are scissors: completely cord-free, electricity-free, and pulsation free. They range in size from ½” to 1″ in length.

Guides combs help you confidently give a uniform cut at the length of your choosing. When you start grooming with the Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit, brushing is a good way to start, to relax your dog. Then comb against the fur and make single cuts, lock by lock to remove the bulk, and end with quick snips to blend and even the overall look of the cut.


  • Affordable
  • Quality craftsmanship


  • Doesn’t have the speed of an electric clipper

2. Gimars Grooming Scissors Kit

Gimars Titanium Coated 3CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit, Heavy Duty Pet Grooming Trimmer Kit - Thinning, Straight, Curved Shears with Comb for Long & Short Hair, Fur for Cat and More Pets If you’re looking for classic and affordable set of dog grooming shears to get you started doing the job at home, Gimars Grooming Scissors are a fine choice. They may not be the right pick if you need to groom with high frequency or if your do has especially thick fur, but they are solid and will stay sharp for a long time. The blades are aligned to cut dog hair with efficiency and precision.

The rounded tips of these shears mean they are safer and less likely to poke or snip your skin or your dog’s. The finger rings are removable, to make more room for larger finger. A good finger-fit means better control! There is also an adjustable screw for tightening the scissors or separating the blades.

This grooming kit includes two pairs of straight scissors, thinning shears, 7″ curve scissors, a stainless-steel comb, and a cleaning cloth, all in a compact storing case. This variety offers you the versatility to confidently trim around , ears, collar, and more, while the manual approach keep your pet calm and able to enjoy grooming as a connective experience.


  • Affordable
  • Very Sharp
  • Curved for safer use


  • Case is not high quality
  • Hinges could be smoother

3. Kingstar Professional Pet Grooming Set

7.0in Titanium Black Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set,Straight & Thinning & Curved Scissors 4pcs Set for Dog Grooming,(Black) Kingstar’s set is made of durable 6CR stainless steel and the shears have a sharp convex edge and are designed for a comfortable feel in your hand. The set comes in several sleek colors, including rainbow, gold, purple, and titanium black.

The scissors in this kit are well built and they stay sharp, allowing you to give quick cuts for a long time. The convex arc design makes your cutting experience smooth and steady. They are light weight and have curved tips for the safety of you and your pet.

Each set includes for pairs of shears: thinning scissors; straight scissors; and a pair of scissors curved in both directions, for easy cutting up or down. The set also contains a cleaning cloth and a storage case, as well as an adjustment key for modifying the tightness of the scissor hinges.


  • Stylish
  • Well crafted
  • Curved for safer use


  • Finger holes aren’t adjustable

4. Pet Grooming Scissors 2-Pack Stainless Steel

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits - (2 Pairs - 1 for Body & 1 for Face + Ear + Nose + ) - Sharp & Strong Stainless Steel Blade Dog Grooming Scissors with Round Tip Top for Dogs & Cats This set is a two-pack of Japanese surgical stainless-steel grooming scissors: the shorter of the two (6-inch) has micro-serrated blades for working in close around your dog’s face and , while the larger pair (6.5-inch blade) has smooth blades for body work.

Both pair have large rounded tips for increased safety, which provides great peace of mind around your pet’s face and ears. The appearance of these shears has also been taken into consideration, with colorful handles, a satin finish, and Pet Magasin’s signature golden adjustment screw.

These scissors have polymer cushioned handles to increase your grooming comfort, as well as an additional finger rest. It’s recommended to sharpen it every few months. As always, manual shears are quiet and won’t disturb your pet with vibration or buzzing noise.

The fine edges on the blades of these pairs of shears are made to effectively snip through truly thick coats and dense tangles. These come with a 2-year warranty and 100% moneyback guarantee, so you know that you are investing a product that the company stands behind.


  • Good size
  • Curved for safer use


  • Stiff to maneuver
  • Could be sharper

5. Chibuy Professional Scissors with Round Tip

Professional Pet Grooming Scissor with Round Tip Stainless Steel Dog Eye Cutter for Dogs and Cats, Professional Grooming Tool, Size 6.70" x 2.6" x 0.43" ChiBuy Professional Grooming Scissors have a circular arc design that increases their safety around ear hair, whiskers, lips, and , so your beloved pet won’t need to fear a nick. They are 6.7″ long.

The comfortably molded TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handles are non-toxic, more environmentally friendly, and they improve your hold on the shears in wet conditions or if your hands are moist with sweat. It has a sleek and comfortable feel.

For longer grooming sessions, these handles are both forgiving and durable, with an extra finger rest to improve the ergonomics of your grip and prevent finger and wrist fatigue. The blade screw is factory adjusted and not meant to be customized.


  • Affordable
  • Good grip


  • Could be sharper
  • Shears cannot be tightened

6. LovinPet Pet Grooming Scissors

LovinPet Pet Grooming Scissors Professional Dog Cat Grooming Shears with Round Tip Stainless Steel Strong and Sharp Blade Heavy Duty Thinning Curved Cutting Straight Tool Set The Lovinpet Pet Grooming Scissors feature cushioned ergonomic handles and generous finger rests, which help against finger fatigue and offer you a more secure grip. The LovinPet Dog Scissors also feature a buffer absorber that will prevent noise and reduce the bite of any pinching because they prevent the handles from crashing together.

Finished with blunt ends so that they can safely be used around your pup’s face, these shears are excellent quality. The 7″ is solidly constructed from Japanese stainless steel, and there is a screw that provides adjustable tension for the blade tightness.

The blades on these shears come very sharp, and they will stay that way for a long time. Sharpness makes them precise and efficient, but they also have a downward curve design that makes it much less likely that you will nick your dog’s delicate skin.

Built to last, these shears are additionally even suitable for use as nail scissors for dogs.


  • Affordable
  • Very sharp
  • Curved for safer use


  • Stiff to maneuver

7. Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears

Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears, 7.5 Inch Curved Shears, 440c Stainless Steal Japanese Shears, Pet Grooming Curved Scissors Dog Shears Sharf Gold touch curved shears offer classic elegance, excellence, and they’re built for professional results. The design is such that you can get excellent results around the ears, eyes, tail, and with this 7.5-inch long straight blade made of quality 440c Japanese Stainless Steel.

The glossy golden accent sheen of the Sharf Gold touch adjustable screw plate and removable rubber finger-comfort rings is very stylish. It also comes in a beautiful, high-quality storage and carry-case with a snap closure. These shears have won over a lot of consumers.

Sharf also makes a curved version, for those looking for the convenience of this type of angulation and for an even easier time accessing those hard to reach spots around ears, , and face.


  • Very sharp
  • Quality construction


  • Thumb hole is tight for some
  • Tightening screw is finicky

Top 7 Verdict

The Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit stands out as the cream of the crop for its versatility and thoughtfulness to the pet experience. These are exceptional dog grooming scissors, manual and free of vibration. The grooming set comes with seven various length combs for different length haircuts.

These scissors have finger holes that can be sized to make them as comfortable as possible to the user. It’s light, easy to use, and features a micro-serrated blade. This kit is manufactured in the USA.

With these important dog grooming scissor features in mind, hopefully you’ll be compelled to try it as a part of your search for the right one for you and your furry companion!

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit For Cats & Dogs - Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers For Sensitive Pets - Right-Handed, Pink
5,170 Reviews
Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit For Cats & Dogs - Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers For Sensitive Pets - Right-Handed, Pink
  • GENTLE GROOMING FOR SENSITIVE PETS: A buzz-free alternative to clippers. Scissors + Clipper Combs = a safe, relaxed grooming session.
  • 16 PCS: (1) Scissor, (7) Combs, (2) Comb Organizers, (4) finger inserts, (1) Grooming Guide, (1) Storage Bag. PATENTED
  • CHOOSE YOUR LENGTH: Includes seven combs for cut lengths from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. MADE IN USA of Domestic and Imported Parts
  • CUSTOMIZE THE FIT, Choose: SNUG, with soft gel finger inserts, MEDIUM with thin smooth inserts or LOOSE with no inserts.
  • GENTLE GROOMING PROMISE: Not completely satisfied with Scaredy Cut? We'll replace parts or issue a refund on request. GUARANTEED

Dog Grooming Scissors Buying Guide

What’s the key to finding the right pair of dog grooming scissors for your needs? Now that you know some of the top types, brands, and features to consider, here is a brief 4-1-1 on shear attributes, to get you started on the right (or as it were).

Curved Shears

Curved shears are designed to help you cut a curved hook with ease and confidence. A dog’s face and are area where you might particularly be seeking a uniformly rounded look.

Thinning Shears

Also sometimes referred to as “chunkers”, or “blending shears,” thinning shears are designed to help even out the blunt edges that straights cuts can leave in your pet’s fur. The technique is to go back over, after the primary cut, and give the dog’s newly shortened locks a more unified, softer look. This is a popular technique for more subtly removing small matts; for naturalizing a cut around the face; for easing the transition between hair layers on double-coated breeds (such as Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Huskys, and Pomeranians); or smoothly trimming down bulky fur, as on a Chow-Chow.

Straight Shears

If the versatility of a single pair of scissors is your primary goal, straight shears might be your best buy. This is simply because, while curved shears can be very useful at making round cuts, it is possible to work into a round cut with straight shears and round shears are nearly worthless for a straight line. Straight shears, therefore, can have a more generalized and of course can be used effectively on any part of your pet’s body.


The size of your dog will have some bearing on the right size shears for your grooming ambition. The smaller your dog, the shorter the scissors you need. A big dog is a bigger job and, bottom line, sized up shears will be able to cut more hairs at once.

Stainless Steel

The most durable grooming shears are cast of solid stainless steel, possible even titanium coated. Quality steel will stay sharp for a long time, saving you both shearing time and sharpening time. Also, look out for cheap plastic handles that will break easily.

Removable or Exchangeable Finger Rings

The ability to adjust the finger fit of your shears is not essential, except that it can be the difference between your hands cramping up while you are trying to groom your dog, or not. If you have more than one dog, this may be an even more important consideration.

Tension Adjusters

If the tension is too high on your shears, they will be hard to maneuver. One the other hand, too loose, and you lose precise cutting capacity. The ability to set the tension to the right balance for the ergonomics of your hand and your dog’s fur thickness, is a nice feature that makes any pair of scissors more adaptable.

Offset Handles

Handles in this arrangement are more comfortable for longer use than shears where the ring finger and thumb are forced into unnatural alignment, and so they lessen finger fatigue!

That’s it for the basics. Hopefully at this point you feel armed with enough fundamental knowledge to head out on your own, and with these seven great options in your pocket, select which grooming shears are going to work best for you and your unique, furry friend! Happy shopping.

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