Dog Food Storage Ideas

Dog Food Storage Ideas

Dogs are a major member of the family. They are treated as one treats any family member; they also get a bit more attention purely because of the satisfaction they bring about when one comes home, from a full day’s work to an excited, jumping ball of furry happiness.

It also has much to do with the fact that simply having dogs works wonders in eliminating massive levels of stress from our life. The reason they help doing away with life’s daily stresses is mostly because they help give their owners’ life a purpose; to put simply, a reason to live.

Owning dogs also is perfect in a rapidly changing world where technology has made people lose connection from reality. Connection is a strong human yearning. Not connecting to others has scientifically been shown to reduce levels of “happiness” hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Having a dog, more or less, means we’ll always have a buddy to give us the intimacy that we crave while providing well-being required to lead a happy life.

But your furry friends need love and attention too. The owner has to care for their emotional needs and physically engage them for the sake of their well-being and health.

The biggest form of caring for a dog comes in terms of food. Other than exercise, it is most important to make sure the food in their tummies is healthy and adds to their nourishment. It is thus very important to pay heed to their feeding habits and have a safe, free-of-germs, and cool place to store the food in. To cater to your dogs’ eating regimen, we have a few dog food storage ideas that are listed below:

dog food storage

Built in food storage options

This is an ideal situation for people who are house hunting to buy a place. Dog food lying around the house haphazardly can give off an untidy vibe and could, in dire situations, lead to an insect infestation. To avoid the aforementioned, one can ask their realtor to find room so a storage unit for dog food can be built in.

This fixture can be made anywhere around the house- from the living room’s ‘under the television storage’ or a cupboard under the staircase in the form of a dog food pantry so that you can stock up on food. A pro-tip in this regard is that this method is most cost effective, by a great measure.

If it is, for instance, a drawer you have chosen to build, it can perfectly match the theme of the rest of the house that it all fits in rather beautifully. For instance, if the house has dark wood furniture, the drawer can be built with the same dark wood; this averts the risk of compromising the house’s elegant finish.

Wooden Barrels

For an old school, rustic vibe in the house, these barrels can be custom built. This, again, can be put together in such a way, that is easy to be kept in line with your house’s overall theme and color scheme. The wooden barrels can either be built in as a fixture or they can be placed anywhere around the house (as per choice) and can be passed off as a decorative item.

If the house has sufficient space, and if the house owners are looking to build a small space for their dogs, a wooden barrel as both a movable piece of furniture and the fixture can pull the room together and not to mention be the star of the room.

The wooden barrels can also be customized as per choice with, for instance, your dog’s name and date of birth. This storage idea is also ideal for keeping the food free from getting stale.

A fixture of this sort can also help bring the selling price of the house up by a great deal should the owners decide to put it on the market.

Food Curtain

This is ideal for people living in rentals where they are not allowed to mess with the cabinets or walls or the original house fixtures in any way. This curtain is originally built for toiletries., shoes or other household products. But it can be used as a storage idea for dog food as well with enough space in it for not only daily food but snacks, treats and toys as well.

A curtain of this sort can be hung behind the door or on a wall by the shoe rack depending on space. It is also both portable and washable. They can be customized to, for instance, incorporate your dog’s life’s milestones.

ideas for dog food storage

Custom built food storage unit

If you have a spare drawer lying around in the garage and/or love DIYing, this storage idea is perfect for you. You can first sand the drawer to remove any splinters that might be sticking before proceeding to paint the drawer in your choice of color whilst keeping in mind your dog’s personality. The front can commemorate your memories with the dog in the form of pictures, sealed with mod-podge to protect both the design as well as your dog.

The top of the drawer can be custom built and nailed into the rest of the drawer with holes on the upper side. Your dog’s favorite bowls can be placed into the openings for your dog to eat out of. This not only saves space but is also a much hygienic option.

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