The Best Pet Hair Brooms 2022

Keeping your house clean after your pet can be a difficult and time-consuming process. They throw their toys everywhere, drag food everywhere and they even spread their hair all over the place. This can especially be a problem if you have a dog or cat that sheds a large amount of hair.

Pet hair can shed from their bodies and spread all around the house, making it difficult to keep your house clean and pet hair-free. Most people tend to try sweeping the hair into one place and then disposing of it, but this doesn’t always work. Sometimes using a simple and standard house broom can actually spread the hair even more, creating an even larger mess than before.

That being said, you’ll want to make sure that you use a broom that’s specifically designed in order to get rid of the pet hair around the house. But it can be difficult to find the best brooms to deal with pet hair in particular, so here are the best brooms for doing so as well as some helpful information to consider while you’re browsing the market.

Our Top 6 List

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1. Bissell Lightweight Broom

Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom, 1778

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You’re highly recommended to check out this pet hair broom because it has the ability to work on various different types of floor surfaces, ranging from clean bare floors to low pile rugs. This broom contains rubber bristles that are able to work best with pet hair specifically because they’re able to attract pet hair to them, rather than simply spreading it around like other brooms with plastic bristles.

Not only that, but you also have the ability to retract the rubber bristles of this broom so that you can also use it for more everyday uses in collecting standard dirt and debris. In addition to that, but Bissell broom is user-friendly, since it’s lightweight and has an adjustable handle that can be altered in order to fit your specific purposes.

If you’re planning on using the Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom, then you’re also recommended to consider using the EyeVac Pet that’s listed below, which is classified as a touchless and stationary vacuum for pet hair specifically. It has the ability to collect all of the pet hair and debris that you sweep to it, eliminating the risk of you accidentally spreading pet hair.


  • Rubber bristles can be retracted for everyday use
  • Works on various different surfaces
  • Adjustable handle


  • May be too hard for some hardwood floors

Pro Tip: EyeVac Stationary Vacuum

EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum for Pet Hair, Dust and Debris | Dual High Efficiency Filtration | Corded, Bagless, Automatic Sensors | 1,400 Watts

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The EyeVac Pet Vacuum is highly recommended for you to use in conjunction with both the Bissel Pet Broom as well as the Evriholder Broom because it’s able to conveniently collect all of the pet hair that you sweep to it. Given that, you don’t have to use a dust pan and risk losing pet hair in the air when you’re bring the debris to the trash.

Furthermore, this stationary vacuum has dual filtration that has the ability to clean the debris that you sweep into it. It doesn’t require that you replace a bag when it’s full either, since you only have to empty the canister when the red light comes on indicating that it’s full.


  • Reduces the amount of hair overall
  • Offers dual filtration
  • Little maintenance


  • Pricey

2. Evriholder FURemover Broom

Evriholder Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle That Extends from 3-5', Black & Yellow

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This Evriholder product is highly suggested for you because it’s able to collect the pet hair and debris from practically any type of floor, and it can even clean the windows in your home. This product features 100% natural rubber that’s able to attract pet hair like a magnet from carpets, rugs, hardwood floors and even linoleum flooring.

It also features a built-in squeegee that’s capable of cleaning your shower, windshields and even the windows in your house. Since the squeegee is built into the broom, you can even use it to wipe away excess liquid from flat floors or even on decks.

Moreover, this Evriholder is able to work well in conduction with the EyeVac Pet Vacuum, since you can easily sweep any pet hair, dirt and debris from around the house into the vacuum. By using this stationary vacuum, you can easily collect and filter all of the debris that you collect from your entire home.


  • Features a built-in squeegee to clean flat surfaces
  • Telescoping handle to adjust the length
  • Waterproof, so the debris can be washed away from the rubber bristles


  • Customers complain that the handle doesn’t work very well

3. LandHope Push Broom

LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 54 inches Non Scratch Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant (Grey)

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You may benefit from checking out this pet hair broom from LandHope because it features rubber bristles that are able to remove up to 50% more pet hair than standard brooms. These soft rubber bristles are able to remove hair from carpets and shapes the hair into balls, making it easier to gather.

In addition to that, this broom has an adjustable handle that’s capable of extending from 31.5 inches to 54 inches. Because of that, you have the ability to use this broom to remove pet hair from hard-to-reach places around your house, like under the furniture.

Lastly, this broom offers water-resistant properties, giving you the ability to wash the clumps of pet hair from the broom before it dries quickly for the next use.


  • Handle extends from 31.5” to 54”
  • Water-resistant, so you can wash with water
  • Scrapes hair into balls for easy accumulation


  • Not very durable construction

4. TreeLen Broom Dustpan Combo

TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom/Dustpan Cleans Broom Combo with 40"/52" Long Handle for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby Floor Use Upright Stand up Dustpan Broom Set

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You’re advised to consider purchasing this TreeLan Broom and Dustpan Combo because it contains four layers of bristles on the broom, which prevents the broom from absorbing water or spreading pet hair. The broom itself also comes with an adjustable handle that can reach up to 52 inches.

Furthermore, this product comes with a dustpan as well as the broom, which is produced with an ABS material as well as a plastic contraction that can last for long periods of time. It also features a compact design altogether, since the dustpan clips onto the broom, preventing you from losing one over the other.


  • Broom has 4 layers of bristles
  • Dustpan offers an open and locking emptying position
  • Constructed with eco-friendly ABS material


  • Broom doesn’t work well with removing hair from carpet

5. O-Cedar Professional Smooth Surface Push Broom

O-Cedar Professional 24" Smooth Surface Push Broom

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This O-Cedar Push Broom is recommended for removing hair from your home because it features Maxi-Lok technology as well as an anti-rotation socket that offers optimal user-friendly features, since the broom won’t rotate while you’re using it. Not only that, but this broom is constructed using a heavy-duty plastic block that’s able to prevent the material from cracking or collecting mildew.

Ultimately, this broom contains soft and feather-tip bristles that are specifically designed in order to remove hair from all smooth surfaces. You even have the ability to use this broom on surfaces that are outdoor as well. Overall, this broom offers a wide construction, which makes it beneficial for sweeping larger surfaces.


  • Great for collecting hair from large surfaces
  • Works indoors as well as outdoors
  • Features Mxi-Lock technology


  • Not suitable for use on carpets

6. Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake, 18-Inch Head, 54-Inch Handle, Blue

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You may want to consider purchasing this Grandi Groom Carpet Rake because it’s specifically designed in order to remove any pet hair and debris from the carpets in your home. More specifically, it can loosen and lift the soil particles and pet hair from deep within the carpet’s hair.

Furthermore, this broom features an 18-inch head that is able to cover wide surfaces, giving you the ability to sweep large territory extremely quickly. For instance, you can easily and conveniently push this broom forward throughout the carpeted rooms in your home, effectively lifting and collecting the hair and other unwanted debris from your home.

Lastly, this carpet rake is highly recommended for you to check out because it can be used both before as well as after vacuuming in order to make your carpet extremely clean. More specifically, you can use this broom before you vacuum in order to loose and lift the debris, and you can use it after in order to make the vacuum track marks disappear.


  • Lifts the dirt, debris and hair from deep within your carpet
  • Covers a large territory in a short amount of time
  • Can be sud before and after vacuuming


  • More expensive than other brooms on the market

Top 6 Verdict

Overall, each of the pet hair brooms included on this list have the ability to offer you various different benefits, including the ability to adequately and quickly remove all of the pet hair from your home. Not only that, but they all have the ability to work on various different surfaces, offering you the convenience of removing hair from every room of your home.

Since each of these products offers great features, it can be difficult to choose the best broom for your specific needs. Because of that, you’re most recommended to purchase product #1: Bissel Lightweight Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom. This broom is able to work on practically any hard surface floor of your home, and it has rubber bristles that are known for their ability to attract pet hair onto the broom.

Furthermore, you’re able to retract the rubber bristles back into the broom for when you want to use the broom for more everyday purposes. It even has an adjustable handle that can be altered to fit your height. Not only that, but this Bissel broom is able to work best when it’s used in conjunction with the EyeVac Pet Vacuum.

The EyeVac Pet Vacuum is able to act as a stationary vacuum that can collect all of the pet hair that you sweep to it. This eliminates the need for a dust pan, and it reduces the amount of overall pet hair in your home, since it collects all of the hair that you bring to it. Given that, we recommend the Bissel Lightweight Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom as well as the EyeVac Pet Vacuum as a team.

Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom, 1778,orange/white
279 Reviews
Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom, 1778,orange/white
  • Multi-surface adjustable bristles clean bare floors and low pile rugs
  • Rubber bristles attract pet hair
  • Retract rubber bristles for everyday sweeping
  • Adjustable handle

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EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum for Pet Hair, Dust and Debris. Designer White
3,926 Reviews
EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum for Pet Hair, Dust and Debris. Designer White
  • Eye-vac pet stationary touchless vacuum is designed for use in households with pets, mobility concerns or any space that requires regular sweeping
  • Simply sweep hair, dust, and debris up to the infrared sensors at the base of the unit for convenient, automatic suction into the easy-dump canister
  • Cyclonic vacuum action with dual filtration works in tandem to clean debris both on the floor and in the air
  • Always on" automatic activation (via infrared sensors) feature. Bagless canister volume: 6.5 qt. 1,400 watts
  • Red status indicator light illuminates when bagless canister is full and ready to be emptied

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Buying Guide

Type of floors

It’s important that you consider whether the floor you’re trying to clean is a carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile or some other type of floor. Some brooms are only able to work effectively on certain types of floors, so it’s important that you consider what type of floor you’re cleaning and choose the broom that’s able to accommodate for that type of floor.


You should consider how the pet hair broom is constructed, since some of them offer a more durable construction that’s able to last for longer periods of time and for multiple different uses. You’ll also want to choose a broom that offers the right amount of durability for the specific type of floor that you’re cleaning.

For instance, you’ll typically want a more durable broom for cleaning carpets than other types of floors. On the other hand, you may be able to get away with using a broom that’s less durable if you’re simply sweeping tile or hardwood floors.

Type of bristles

Traditional brooms come in a variety of different constructions that also have various kinds of bristles on them. But pet brooms are even more diverse in their constructions, since some have metal prongs while others have more flimsy and plastic bristles.

Not only that, but some pet hair brooms present a more flat and rubber construction without any bristles, which is beneficial for collecting pet hair because the rubber doesn’t spread around the hair. Overall, you should choose the broom with the type of bristles that works best for your specific purposes.

Tips to a Clean Floor

Vacuum and sweep

It may be beneficial if you vacuum and sweep in conjunction with each other often in order to keep all of your floors cleaner for longer periods of time. A large amount of the hair, dirt and debris that spread across your floor accumulate in your carpets, rugs and other floors with similar textures.

Because of that, it may be extremely beneficial if you clean all of your floors at once, and you may want to clean your carpets extra well in order to prevent any accumulation of dirt, debris and pet hair.

Mop once a week

Not only should you be keeping up with vacuuming and sweeping your floors, but you’ll want to make sure that you mop your floors at least once a week regularly as well. Using floor cleaner that contains harsh chemicals isn’t recommended because these cleaners may harm your pets, but you can opt out of these and use organic or all-natural ones instead.

Making sure that you have a clean floor by mopping is important because mopping the floor helps to remove all of the dirt and other unwanted debris that’s more stuck to the floor that can’t be removed with a broom. Mopping also helps to make your floors look cleaner as well.

Place a mat

Placing a mat by the door is not only recommended for the homey appearance, but it can also keep the floors in your home clean. If you have a dog and they constantly go out to use the bathroom, they track dirt and debris in whenever they re-enter the house.

Because of that, putting a mat by the door can prevent any dirt from coming into the house on the bottom of their , since you can train them to rub their on the mat before they walk on the floors inside of the house.

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