How To Clean Pet Urine From Carpet

Aside from dealing with our pet’s hair, there’s another dreadful job of a pet owner—cleaning up their urine. Even if our pets are potty-trained, there will be days when they just feel like letting it out right then and there.

Pet Urine in a Carpet

While it’s not a fun thing to do, leaving it be will create a bad aroma inside the house. It also makes your living area very unhygienic, who would want that? Getting rid of pet urine might not be the world’s best task, but let’s face it, it needs to be done.

The good news is, you don’t have to go out and buy stuff for this. Most of the things you’ll need on how to clean pet urine from carpet can be easily found inside your home.

First thing’s first—getting urine stains out of the carpet. For this, you’ll need a liquid dishwashing detergent, a cup of water, clean cloth, two tablespoons of ammonia, and a spray bottle.

1. If the affected area is still wet, blot it with a clean cloth immediately. Then, make a dishwashing detergent and water solution. To do this, take one quarter teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and one cup of warm water. Mix both thoroughly. It is crucial not to use laundry detergent or soap because it might contain bleach or lanolin.

2. Put the mixture inside a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the area where urine stain is evident.

3. Then, using a clean paper towel, put it on the area previously aimed. Let it absorb on the paper towel.

4. Rinse the affected area with warm water. Repeat the previous steps as often as needed. Do the process until the stain disappears gradually.

5. With two tablespoons of ammonia, grab a cup of water and mix the two components. Dab the solution on the affected area until you can barely see the stain.

Now that you’re past the first part on how to clean pet urine from carpet, let’s move on to completely removing it. Like, your dog never urinated on your carpet, like nothing ever happened.

For this part, you’ll need paper towels, white vinegar, water, brush, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and who could forget the vacuum? Removing pet urine from carpet might sound like a very involved chore, but trust me, it’s worth it all.

1. Using paper cloth (again), soak up the urine stain. Press the cloth firmly into the stain so it really absorbs it. You can use something heavy to put above the cloth, so you don’t have to exert much force. Observe until much urine has been absorbed from the carpet.

2. We’ll be mixing again. Create a solution of white vinegar and water. Do this with equal parts. Mix enough solution that can seep through the carpet’s innermost fibers.

3. Pour this mixture directly to the part where there’s urine stain. With a scrubbing brush on one hand, brush the solution deeply into the carpet. Pour the solution to the carpet and scrub forcefully. Aside from the cleaning agents of the vinegar, it also helps neutralize the ammonia from the previous process.

4. Paper towels will seem quite handy in this whole process as we’re going to need it again by blotting the urine stain. You would want to press it firmly into the carpet.

5. Let it sit for a few minutes. Maybe even a few hours. Let it dry before proceeding to the next step.

6. When the carpet is finally dry, it’s time for the baking soda to do its wonders. Take one to two handfuls of baking, and sprinkle it directly onto the stain. The amount of baking soda should depend on how big the stain is, you won’t overdo it.

7. This will feel like a science experiment with all the mixing. With one-half cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, mix it with a dishwashing detergent. Apply the solution directly to the stain. Again, use the scrubbing brush to carefully let it seep through the fibers.

8. Lastly, let the whole area sit and dry. Once it has all dried up, vacuum the entire area. This will be the last step on how to clean pet urine from carpet.

Congrats! Your carpet is ready to be peed on by your loving pets again. Don’t you just love how our pet’s brain work?

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