How To Get Pet Hair Out Of Carpet

Just like how a normal person has falling hair, our cuddly and furry pets have this moment, too. Although owning a pet has numerous positive sides, it also has downsides. Like dealing with their hairs that are scattered all over the carpet inside our home.

Pet in a carpet

Aside from using our reliable brooms, or opting for vacuum cleaners, there are other things you can use to solve this mess. It might surprise you, but here are several ways on how to get pet hair out of carpet.

Flip Flop Sandals

You’ve read it right. The first thing that can help on how to get pet hair out of carpet is to use your trusty flip flops, most importantly the rubber ones. Rubber flip flops have a hard and tough body that is sure to get rid of pet hair. You can easily use this on stubborn pet hairs that seemed to have been stuck for quite a while already.


The easiest way to do this is to hold it with your hands and wipe it through the carpet. Do not try to take away pet hairs while wearing them because it will only put you in so much hassle and will require much effort.

All the gathered pet hair will likely became a ball-shaped fur. This can easily be sucked by a reliable vacuum for pet hair. In cases where furs get stuck to your flip flops, simply rinse it with water.

Rubber Gloves

This one’s pretty common among every household. Aside from being used for washing the dishes, rubber gloves can effectively help you on how to get pet hair out of carpet. You can use an old pair, or buy new gloves so it’s still spotless and wear-free.


While wearing the pair of rubber gloves, give the carpet a good rub. Do this repeatedly on the carpet and you’ll find furs or pet hairs being attached to the gloves. Once you feel like the stuck pet hairs are thick enough that it hinders remaining pet hairs on the carpet to be attached to the gloves, soak your hands in a basin full of water. By doing this, the pet hairs on your gloves will float over the surface of the water. Once you’re done soaking, throw it out.

After that, dry you rubber gloves and repeat the whole process until the whole carpet is covered.

Baking Soda

Among the many uses of the wondrous baking soda, who knew it could also remove pet hair? To help you get started with the task, you need a vacuum cleaner aside from the baking soda. 


Get an ample amount of baking soda and sprinkle it on the carpet. Then, you can sit back and relax for a while as the baking soda needs some time to be absorbed by the carpet, and probably, work its magic on the pet hairs. After about half an hour, depending on the size of the affected area, you can then use the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum clean the carpet like you normally would.

Aside from getting rid of the pet hairs on the carpet, baking soda actually works as a deodorizing agent, too. Your carpet’s cleaned, plus you get to freshen up the room, too!


As it turns out, even a kid’s balloon can help you get rid of pet hairs. Who knew carpet cleaning could be this easy, and extremely cheap? Aside from entertaining your kid, balloons can also remove pet hairs on your carpet.


The first thing you need to do is to inflate the balloon. You can even let your kid help you with this. Put it near the area full of pet hair on the carpet. Then, rub it across the surface and see how it attracts the pet hair on the carpet. Looking back on the lessons we’ve had in elementary science, this is the result of static electricity generated by the balloon during the rubbing mechanism.

After enough pet hair is collected, remove it from the balloon and throw away. You can then repeat the whole process until you’ll see a spotless carpet.


The last tool that can help on how to get pet hair out of carpet is to use a window squeegee. Aside from using it on the window, a squeegee is also a great help in dealing with pet hair problems.


I think using a squeegee is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, what’s normally done to a steamy window or mirror is the exact thing to be done on your carpet. Eventually, you will see pet hairs coming up.

If you have one, wash it thoroughly before using it on the carpet. However, if a squeegee is not readily available on your household, you can still use the other belongings mentioned above.

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