How To Get Pet Hair Out Of a Car


With loving pets by your side, it’s almost always so hard to leave them locked up inside your house. Especially if you’re planning to go on a long trip. Chances are, wherever we go, our furry friends go to.

Although taking our dogs or cats with us on our trips may be as fun as it sounds, it could also get really messy. Pet food will be all over the car seat, and pet hairs will be everywhere. Now, this is one of the many problems a pet owner normally faces. Fortunately, the internet is here to help us how to get pet hair out of car.

Thanks, Static Electricity

Every single thing we deal with daily is involved with science. And, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it helps us handle problems we face every day. That’s why, in coping with how to get pet hair out of car, a bit of science can be used for that.

For this method, you’ll need water, fabric softener, vacuum cleaner, balloon and rubber gloves.

1. First off, mix the water and fabric softener to create a solution. The ratio should be 1:1, thereby a solution of equal parts can be made. The fabric softener helps loosen pet hair on the seat cover making it easier to remove it. This also makes your car get a little bit of good fragrance.

2. After creating the solution, wet the area that has pet hair stuck to it. Wearing the gloves, you can dip your fingers onto the solution and soak the affected area with it. Or, you can use a spray bottle for this solution and simply spritz it on the surface where there are a lot of pet hair.

3. Wear the rubber gloves and rub your hands along the surface of rampant pet hair. This should make the pet hair stick to the rubber gloves. If needed, wet the gloves with the solution you made earlier.

4. Let the wet surface dry for a while. Once it has dried, pick up any excess pet hair. If you don’t feel like going through this tedious process, use a vacuum cleaner for this step.

5. Lastly, to make sure that exactly no pet hair is left on the seat or surroundings of your car, make use of a balloon. Blow up one and rub it across the desired area and let science do its thing.

Building A Sticky Situation

Nobody likes being in a sticky situation. However, in this topic, creating a sticky situation will help you get through this, well, sticky situation. Literally speaking, making use of sticky surfaces or adhesives will solve any pet owner’s problem on how to get pet hair out of car.

To start with, you’ll need a lint brush, and any kind of tape.

1. Using a lint brush, gather pet hair out of your car. If you don’t have one, you can easily find it on your local store. Roll the lint brush along the affected area. You can see the pet hair being stuck to the lint brush, and take it out periodically.

2. Now, using any type of tape, preferably the kind that sticks strongly, garner pet hair easily. To do this, wrap your hands with a piece of tape with the sticky side facing outside. In a way, you’re like creating mittens out of a piece of tape. Once you’re done, pat the area in your car where pet hair still remains.

3. Check the tape regularly if it’s already covered entirely. If it collects enough pet hair that it covers your entire “mitten”, it eventually loses its adhesiveness. To avoid this, replace it periodically with new tape.

Prevent, Prevent, Prevent

Pet Crate

This is where the good old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” comes in handy. You won’t be dealing with this hitch if you prevent it from happening.

Before letting your pet enter the premises of your car, make sure to brush it first. Brush it thoroughly because that’s what a good pet owner does. Brushing your pet regularly will shed off loose hairs, and in turn will decrease the possibility of facing lots of hair left behind by your pet.

Use a pet crate. During travels, it will help greatly if you keep your pet inside a crate. This will catch any loose pet hair, plus it keeps your pet still in a single corner. This way, you’ll only be cleaning the crate which is a great improvement compared to cleaning out the whole care. Keep your pet secured using seatbelt, keeping them safe throughout the travel.

This might be a bit of work, but covering the seats with a blanket, or any large piece of cloth will help lessen the effects of pet hair. Place the large piece of clothing on the seats or floor of your car. This way, the loose pet hair will only stick to the clothing and you can easily wash it.

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