How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

I can make a list of the many reasons why I love my dog. It will probably take me a week to complete that. However, if I were to be asked about the thing I hate most in owning a pet, I can only think of one thing to answer that question immediately. That’s dealing with their loose hairs.

Pet Hair from Furniture

If you’re a pet owner, we’ll probably share the same sentiments. Pet hairs can be found almost everywhere in the house, especially to our furniture. Thankfully, pet hairs on any wooden furniture such as the table, chairs, drawers, etc. can be easily removed compared to other properties inside our house.

To manage this stressful event, here are some ways on how to remove pet hair from furniture.

Furniture polish

As mentioned earlier, removing pet hair from wooden furniture is the easiest among other belongings in your home. Using a furniture polish to solve your problem on how to remove pet hair from furniture is one of your options.

It’s actually a pretty easy task, you only need an old piece of cloth, and a furniture polish. Use this old cloth and dip it in the polish. On your wooden table, chairs, cabinets or any wooden furniture you see inside your house that is dominated by pet hair, wipe the cloth with the polish. Make sure to go through all of the furniture’s surfaces so it’ll be clean and spotless.

Anti-static spray

Another option you can choose is to go with an anti-static spray. If you don’t have one sitting in your home, you can find it in your local stores. One of the many things you have to deal with as a pet owner is their loose hair that can probably found in every corner of your house, so you might want to buy something that can eradicate this mess.

With a soft cloth in one hand and an anti-static dusting spray on the other, locate the surface of your furniture that needs to be dealt with. Spray on the surface and wipe it away with the soft cloth. Or, you can spritz the dusting spray directly on the cloth and wipe the damp cloth on the wooden furniture.

The anti-static dusting spray removes the static charge between the hair and the furniture itself. This makes the removal easier and smoother. This also lessens the probability of the hair sticking to the furniture.


But of course, the classic vacuum cleaner to take care of almost every mess in the house. It is the easiest to remove pet hair on wooden furniture, and opting for a vacuum to cope with how to remove pet hair from furniture might be the fastest.

Furniture Vacuum

Use the vacuum on the wooden furniture with pet hair the way you normally use it. It’s probably easier to use a handheld one so you have most control over the vacuum.

However, getting pet hairs all over your stuff inside your home, not just the furniture can be reduce, and probably eliminated. The way for this is to prevent it from happening. As a pet owner, you must foresee all the adverse effects of having your furry friend inside your home. It’s not always fun and games.

Removable cover

On any furniture or couch, you can use slipcovers to protect it. This way, it can collect the pet hairs and you can easily remove and wash it.  More than pet hairs, covers will also protect your furniture from dirt, dust, and even food stains.

However, before washing it, make sure to get rid of the pet hairs first so you won’t damage the washer and dryer in the process.

Set Up Their Own Area

You’ll probably notice your pet to have a certain favorite spot. If your pet constantly goes back to that spot, it’ll probably have the loosest hair out of all the other places in your home.

Take advantage of this and create their own bed area. You can use a blanket for them to rest, or make use of a bed that has a washable cover. This will give them a nice and cozy area, and in turn, give you less mess to deal with.

Groom Regularly

There won’t be a lot of pet hair to deal with if you groom it regularly. You want to avoid having lots of hair on the loose, so give them the groom and bath they need constantly.

Pet Grooming

Bathe your pets regularly. It might not be a fun and easy task, but it will benefit both parties so, you might want to do it on a regular basis. They’ll love the felling afterwards, so plus points to you for being the best pet owner.

The best time to brush your pet is before vacuuming the floor and cleaning your furniture covers.  Grooming your pets as often as possible will give them minimal hair loss, which means you’ll cope with less hair mess now.

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