The Best Vacuum Pet Grooming Attachments in 2024

best pet hair vacuum attachmentWho would have thought that you could convert your vacuums into pet grooming tools? Now, brace yourselves for the task ahead of you. Choosing the best one may seem difficult because there’s just so much to choose from! But don’t despair. We’ll get there.

I’ve picked the most popular vacuum attachments out there to scrutinize. Don’t worry. I’ll try to be as gentle, honest, and helpful as possible. Let’s dive right in.

Our Top 7 List

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1. Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit – Great for Dogs and Cats and Ages

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This kit comes with the right items made for making your pet spruced up and happy. It includes a brush, shedding comb, grooming tool, flea comb, and upholstery. It also comes with a 46-inch hose plus universal adapter. This kit is the most popular vacuum attachment on the market and also the one with highest ratings overall. We also find it to be the best but like all attachments, it does not fit every vacuum out there.


  • Works great on dog fur
  • Everything you need in one package
  • Folding blade easily sucks in fur from comb
  • Very effective as a vacuum


  • Not compatible with all vacuum models

2. Keepow Groom Tool (for Dyson)

KEEPOW Groom Tool Dog Pet Cleaning Brush for Dyson V7, V8, V10 Animal Cleaner

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The Keepow Tool costs about the same as our #1 pick and is meant for Dyson vacuums. So if you have a cordless Dyson and want an attachment that makes for less fussy grooming, this is the tool for you.

All that loose hair from your pet is taken away with the help of its slicker bristles which are angled at 35 degrees and as soon as pressure is provided, bend to a straighter position so it can get within the whole coat.


  • Has durable build
  • Bristles are pulled back for safer storage
  • Makes for zero mess during a cleanup


  • Only for Dyson vacuums

3. FURminator FurVac Vacuum Accessory

FURminator Professional Pet Products FurVac Vacuum Accessory

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The FurVac vacuum accessory has a price of around $10 and it is designed to work with a variety of sizes from the Furminator cat and dog Deshedding units.

It is typically strapped on the Deshedding unit with the help of a vacuum strap and once in position, users can then begin grooming their cats or dogs.


  • Works well if it fits vacuum hose
  • Comes with Furejector button for easier disposal of pet hair
  • Can handle large dogs without frequent cleanups between brush throughs


  • Flimsy Velcro strap doesn’t hold the accessory in place
  • Can only fit Furminator Deshedding models
  • Has a loud, airy sound

4. Electrolux Home Care 62550D

Eureka 62550D Pet Power Vacuum Accessory

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The Power Vacuum Tool from Electrolux and is usually fastened to the vacuum in order to get rid of deep-seated dirt and pet hair.

It provides users both vertical and horizontal cleanups plus it also comes with an adapter that lets the item fit a good lot of known vacuums.

This is an attachment that cannot be used directly on pets though.


  • Works great if it fits vacuum
  • Can remove pet hair, dirt and debris well off of furniture and curtains
  • Sucks in large amounts of hair and dirt easily


  • Would work better if item is more durable
  • Brush stops spinning unpredictably
  • False advertising of compatibility with certain vacuums

5. EcoMaid Pet Hair Brush Attachment

ECOMAID Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush Grooming Mites Killing Pet Hair Vacuum Tools Nozzle Attachment Tool for Dog Teddy cat

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For budget-conscious pet owners, this is a steal for less than $10.

It fits vacuums with a 32-mm diameter and comes with comfortable TPE material so using it will not make your pet sore.

It also works decently with short or long-haired pets.


  • Prevents pet hair from flying all around
  • Brush works well on most hair types
  • Pets enjoy the being groomed with this attachment


  • Pet hair gets caught on brush bristles so users need to get rid of it manually
  • Does not fit hose
  • Works better on furniture than pets

6. GIBTOOL Vacuum Grooming Tool

GIBTOOL Vacuum Cleaner Pet Grooming Tool Dog & Cat Hair Brush Clean Vacuum Dog Brush Vatcuum Nozzle Attachment 1.25''(32mm)


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Another budget option at less than $15, the GIBTOOL Vacuum Cleaner cat and dog hair brush is recommended for pets with short or long hair.

It helps to get rid of not only hair and dirt but mites as well.

It is made of PTE material that has a soft feel and provides a nice comforting massage to your pet.


  • Gives nice, comfortable grooming
  • Can be used on pet beds
  • Collects hair in one stroke


  • Does not fit all pet vacuum units
  • Tends to agitate certain pets
  • Does not work the way you expect

7. EcoMaid 1-1/4-Inch Air Driven Turbo Brush

ECOMAID 1-1/4-Inch 32mm Air Driven Pet Upholstery Turbo Brush Vacuums Nozzle Tool with Pet Attachment Swivel Head

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This EcoMaid pet vacuum attachment has a price of less than $10 and it can fit 1/14-inch or 32-mm vacuum devices on a good range of brands.

It allows users to clean underneath fixtures and get rid of unnecessary items without lifting or moving the vacuum above it. It can be used to clean up vehicles, upholstery, RVs and boat interiors of cumbersome pet hair.


  • Can vacuum a good deal of pet hair
  • Has plenty of power
  • Proven to be a time saver


  • Might not fit vacuum models from certain brands
  • Hair tends to stick to the sides
  • Does not meet certain expectations

Verdict and Review

Penn-Plax Kit






Ease of Use


Grooming Performance


Price Performance Ratio



  • Everything you need in one package
  • Easy to use
  • Great performance
  • Great price
  • Most popular attachment


  • Not compatible with ALL kinds of vacuums

Most of the tools in this category are mediocre and many are meant for specific types of vacuums. However, the ones we have listed here are solid choices all around, and our #1 choice is the for the best hair vacuum attachment kit is the one from Penn-Plax. It has overall high ratings, which means our good experience appears to be the norm. One thing I love about this product is that even if you need frequent cleanups between brush throughs, the process is made easier by the folding blade that conveniently sucks the fur from the comb. No need to pick it off yourself.


The first step in finding out whether an accessory is the ideal one for your pet is to have it running first.


The attachment must be compatible with the vacuum

So many people make the mistake of buying attachments that aren’t compatible with their vacuums, and, some, through no fault of their own, find themselves victimized by false advertising.

The best way to go around this is to make sure that you check the accessory alongside your vacuum upon purchase so you can still exchange it for something else within the return window.


Just because the attachment fits doesn’t always mean you’re good to go. Issues like suction power, bristle quality, noise, and hair capacity have to be taken into account.

While it may take a bit of time to find the best one for your pets, at least make sure that it does the job of gathering hair effectively, then go up from there.


Accessories allow our appliances to multitask. In this case, we’re making our vacuums take on another task of taking care of our pet’s shedding.

While it may seem like a chore to find the right one, reviews like this help point you in the right direction. I hope you find the perfect accessory to a better caring experience for your pets and your homes.

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